Today’s market environment with intensified competition and shifting demand calls for reliable and timely industry research and data enabling our clients to make the right decisions for their renewable energy businesses. In support of informed decision making, Brinckmann provides in-depth data and analytics of the wind power market and supply chain and the green hydrogen space. 

We offer a focused portfolio of products, addressing the increasingly diverse data requirements of the wind power and green hydrogen businesses. Based on longstanding relationships of mutual trust, we have direct access to key market players and decision makers. Our sources are reliable, experienced, and well-known professionals in the renewable energy industry, and our rigid data management processes ensure that our data is on-point and best-in-class.

We leverage our proprietary datasets to deliver valuable insight that clients use to drive critical investment and operational decision-making.

Accurate and insightful data is at the heart of Brinckmann’s value proposition, representing the critical differentiator of unrivaled research offerings.


GLOBAL Wind Supplier Forecast

Global Wind Supplier Forecast consists of a report and a database that analyse the past, current and future commercial competitive market share positioning of the wind turbine suppliers globally in 80+ onshore markets and 35+ offshore markets. The forecasts cover the current year and the next ten years’ projections and deep dive into the market leaders, contenders, challengers, and followers. In addition, the dataset includes projected installations in MW and Units by country and turbine segment at Wind Turbine Supplier-Level.

GLOBAL WIND market Forecast

Global Wind Market Forecast is published twice per year and consists of a report and a database that analyse the past, current and future demand outlook in 120+ onshore and 35+ offshore markets. The forecasts are derived from and is a function of our internal analysis of the competitive market dynamics, regulatory framework, decarbonisation targets, net-zero targets, renewable energy and wind-specific targets, renewable energy investments, asset owners/developers’ company-level renewable targets, turbine supply chain landscape, turbine technology evolution, and cost competitiveness of wind and renewable technologies. The forecasts cover the current year and the next ten years’ projections in MW and Units at Country-Level.

Global WIND turbine technology Forecast

Global Wind Turbine Technology Forecast consists of a report and a database that analyse the evolution of past, current and future wind turbine technology. The forecasts analyse the turbine OEMs and component suppliers’ technical innovation at the capital and sub-component levels. The report analyses the RDI (Research, Development, and Innovation) allocations and spending at the supplier level to gauge the future direction. It deep dives into a plethora of factors influencing the wind technology progression, such as policy developments, demand potential, supply chain availability, competitive dynamics, financial muscle of the players, and cost of technology. The forecasts cover capital components like blades, towers, gearboxes, generators, converters, main shaft bearings, blade bearings, pitch systems, and yaw systems.

Global WIND Supplier landscape

Global Wind Supplier Landscape consists of a report and a database that analyse the supply chain dynamics in the industry. The report deep dives into component-level demand and supply dynamics, potential future bottlenecks, turbine OEMs’ in-house manufacturing and out-sourcing trends, and component suppliers’ commercial market share position. It also provides insights into future investment opportunities across components and markets derived from market demand, export opportunity, local content policies, country-level trade relationships, dumping and anti-dumping related tariffs, landed cost of turbines and components, and supply chain migration to best-cost countries. The database covers leading turbine OEMs and component suppliers manufacturing capacity MW and Units.

Global WIND turbine blades Dataset

Global Wind Turbine Blades Dataset analyses the past, current and future blade manufacturing at turbine OEMs’ in-house and independent suppliers’ facilities. The database reflects the past and future blade sourcing strategies of leading turbine OEMs in terms of in-house vs out-sourcing. It lists the leading blade manufacturing facilities for both onshore and offshore, which are operational, under construction, planned, shelved, and mothballed. In addition, the database covers the detailed capacity estimates at the facility level and blade-type/mould-type level, blade sets and MW. The dataset is also demarcated by the blade length, fibre types, resin types, spar cap types, and the core materials mix.

Global WIND turbine nacelles Dataset

Global Wind Turbine Nacelles Dataset analyses the evolution of the past, current and future nacelle manufacturing capacity of leading turbine OEMs at facility, country, and turbine levels. It lists the nacelles manufacturing/assembly facilities of leading turbine OEMs, the plants that are operational, under construction, planned, shelved, and mothballed. The manufacturing capacity is estimated in terms of nacelle units, MW, MW Class rating for both onshore and offshore segments.

green hydrogen RESEARCH

Global Green Hydrogen Market Summary

The Global Green Hydrogen Market Summary focuses on the trends in policy, regulatory mechanisms enabling the green Hydrogen roll-out, and project development pipeline capacity across global markets covering ~300GW of capacity. The report also focuses on the green hydrogen demand forecasts over the current year and the next ten years. It also touches on the developments and rapid evolution in electrolysers’ demand and supply chain.

Global Green Hydrogen Policy Database

The Global Green Hydrogen Policy Database focuses on GW’s country-level policies, frameworks, strategy road maps, and capacity targets. The dataset also covers the public, private, joint public-private, and bilateral country-level partnership initiatives, alongside the sectorial rankings for industry, power, transport, buildings, export, and import application types. The data spans ~200 countries across six regions.

Global Green Hydrogen Project Pipeline

The Global Green Hydrogen Project Pipeline database consists of the projects under various stages of development such as under construction, announced, planned, financially closed, operational, and decommissioned. The list also includes the commercial scale, R&D (Research and Development) and Pilot projects. In addition, the dataset also includes vital points like owners, developers, off-takers, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) providers, upstream renewable energy sources, hydrogen generation, electrolysis capacity, suppliers, and technology. The database currently covers 400+ projects globally with a capacity of ~300GW.

Global Green Hydrogen Supply Chain

The Global Green Hydrogen Supply Chain database captures the supply chain landscape of electrolysers. The electrolyser suppliers, manufacturing locations, electrolyser capacity and technology, and year of commercial operations, besides covering the ownership structures like groups or joint ventures.

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